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Emmerdale escape ends in tragedy for Chrissie reveals Louise Marwood!

The White family's plan to emigrate to Australia ends in a horrific crash says Chrissie White actress Louise Marwood…

The Whites never do anything low key and as you’d expect, there’s high drama as they pack up for a new start in Australia. Lachlan doesn’t want to go and when Chrissie forces Belle to dump him, the lad flips and causes a horrific car crash.

What's the story?

“The White family are running away,” actress Louise Marwood told Soaplife. “But Robert Sugden tries to snatch his son Seb and it ends in a high speed car crash.” Will any of them survive?

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Louise Marwood tells Soaplife about the White family's secret plan to escape from Emmerdale and emigrate to Australia!

Soaplife: What’s going on with the Whites?

Louise Marwood: “They want to move on. So many bad things have happened at Home Farm and now, because there is a baby involved, they want to get him out of there and away from Robert Sugden. It is a last minute decision. There are no goodbyes and they don’t tell anyone.”

SL: How does Lachlan react to this news?

LM: “He wants to stay in Emmerdale and get a flat with Belle, but Chrissie doesn’t think he is mentally stable enough for that. After all that stuff in the attic, her worry for him has increased ten fold. There is no way she is going to leave him behind.”

SL: What does she do to make him go with them?

LM: “She realises she has to get Belle onside, so she tells her about Lachlan hiding in the attic. Chrissie hopes it will make her understand that for Lachlan’s benefit, the best thing to do would be to walk away.”

SL: How does Chrissie feel about Lachlan's attic episode?

LM: “She is devastated by what happened. It made her realise how severe his problems are. The fact that he could do that without any empathy is quite sociopathic. Chrissie can see he struggles in the way he relates to other people and she blames herself for his lack of love. If she could kidnap him and bundle him into the back of a car to get him to Australia, she would.”

SL: Will she let Robert come to visit Seb in Australia?

LM: “No, I think they plan to tell Seb that his father died and there would be no contact once they go to Australia. The plan is to put as much distance between them and Home Farm as they possibly can.”

SL: What happens when Robert finds out they are emigrating?

LM: “It throws everything into jeopardy. He snatches Seb and drives off with him and Chrissie is in a state of pure panic, as she knows what he’s capable of. The whole family pile into the car and chase after Robert.”

SL: Tell us about the crash…

LM: “Lachlan tells Chrissie he knows that she made Belle finish with him and they have a row while she is driving. Lachlan grabs the steering wheel and they veer into the opposite lane into the path of a lorry.”

SL: Will anybody die in the crash?

LM: “You’ll have to wait and see. It is a really serious road accident and it is fair to say that all their lives hang in the balance.”