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A distraught Pollard barricades his house!

*Second episode*

Devastated at Chrissie having been let off the hook, Pollard deals with yet more hurt when he finds his home has been broken into. Worse still, his shrine to his late wife Val has been destroyed and her engagement ring stolen. Blaming David, Pollard rages and decides the only solution to stop anyone touching Val’s things again is to board up the place. Meanwhile, knowing she and Lachlan were behind the break-in, Gabby urges Lachlan to go to the police.

After another steamy session in Tess’s car, Paddy feels disgusted with himself. But after overcompensating with his wife, Rhona, the vet can’t get Tess out of his head and finds himself texting her…

Emma informs Doug that Chas’s post traumatic stress diagnosis is far from a scam concocted by the Dingles. Embarrassed, Doug apologises to Zak for badmouthing Chas.

Elsewhere, a smile’s put on Kerry’s face when Dan and Amelia put on eye patches in support of her illness.