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A heartbroken Oscar walks into the sea

Maddy storms off after having a blazing row with Oscar over his kiss with Asia. Matt races off to find Maddy at home, but just as the pair get close, Maddy pulls away. When Oscar finally arrives home, he and Maddy talk about their issues, but Maddy breaks up with him harshly. Heartbroken, Oscar tells Matt the news and decides to take a swim to relive some stress..

Josh is still struggling to adjust to life outside the hospital and continues to lose his temper with Andy, so Kyle decides to intervene. Meanwhile, Hannah ignores her feelings for Andy to talk some sense into Josh and make him see that Andy only wants to help.

Olivia expresses her gratitude to Irene, but the pair change the subject when VJ and Hunter come over. As the three of them watch a movie, VJ discovers Irene's baby blanket and throws it on the floor. When Irene sees the sentimental item on the floor, she loses her temper.