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Aaron is attacked!

Aaron offers to be Joshua's wingman for a night on the town. Things seem to be going well with a girl Aaron finds for Joshua – until her boyfriend Evan shows up. When Evan and Aaron start to get into a heated argument, Joshua defuses the situation. But later, as Aaron's heading home, Evan confronts him. Suddenly, a mysterious stranger appears, sending Evan packing.

When Paul learns Naomi's signed up to organise Toadie's benefit, Paul's determined to find out the truth. Naomi insists she doesn't love Toadie but she does admire what a good man he is, hinting that this is something Paul is not. Chastened, Paul decides it's time to make a peace offering and offers cover the overheads for the benefit - begging her for another chance. Touched by his gesture, Naomi softens and the couple finally reunite.

When Karl gets new band posters made up and pressures Ben to plaster them around the school, Susan urges him to come clean. But to his disappointment, Karl's a little bitter about having his musical hopes dashed again.