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Al finds a nude photo of Emma online!

Al Haskey in Doctors
(Image credit: BBC)

Al asks Sid to break the news to Emma that there are nude photos of her online...

Emma's happy mood doesn't last long. Al makes a grim discovery and persuades Sid to break the bad news to Emma. It seems that Emma's night of fun is turning into a living nightmare.

Zara is convinced that Joe will be giving the starring role in the nativity. As Zara continues to put pressure on Joe, can Daniel persuade her to back off and let him enjoy the experience?

Jimmi is left on edge when his Vita meeting starts discussing forgiveness. Will Jimmi be convinced to forgive his abusive father? Or has he reached the end of the road on his Christian journey?

Ayesha pops to a shopping centre - but when she gets back to her car she discovers she has been blocked in by a catering van. Can she track down the owner?