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Alf's worried about his grandson

Ryder's health issues leave Alf and Roo concerned...

After falling down the stairs, Alf and Roo are concerned with Ryder's behaviour and decide that they should seek medical advice in the morning. Later, Roo speaks to Coco, Raffy, John and Marilyn about Ryder's sleepwalking and general attitude and becomes concerned that he may be using drugs. Could Roo be right? And how will Ryder react when she confronts him?

Meanwhile, McCarthy turns up to Kat's apartment and tells her that another witness has been killed in the corruption case. Kat's shocked and it now means she may have to take to the witness stand. Robbo is against the idea as he warns to keep her and the baby safe. Will Kat testify? And is her close association to the case putting her life in danger?

Also, Ben and Maggie realise Diana is in a mood because she overheard their conversation about making her leave Summer Bay. Can Ben and Maggie make amends with Diana?