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Amazing Spaces: Northern Lights Adventure – C4

George Clarke, Will Hardie and Santa Amazing Spaces: Northern Lights Adventure
(Image credit: Plum Pictures)

George Clarke unearths some magical places and spaces in Finland in this festive special, Amazing Spaces: Northern Lights Adventure on C4

George Clarke travels to Finland in snowy special Amazing Spaces: Northern Lights adventure on C4 to see some of the stunning architecture the country has to offer, and also in the hope of fulfilling a childhood ambition by catching a glimpse of the Northern Lights.

From Helsinki in the south to the Arctic Circle in the north, George and Amazing Spaces’ craftsman Will Hardie discover how the icy landscape and climate has shaped the design and materials used in the buildings.

With log fires, pine forests and sleigh bells, you’ll definitely be in the mood for Christmas after this. 

Here George, 45, reveals some of the remarkable spaces he visited…

Igloos Amazing Spaces: Northern Lights Adventure

George Clarke was blown away by these igloos in Amazing Spaces: Northern Lights Adventure on C4

‘I was researching amazing spaces across the world and one project blew my mind – the glass igloos of Finland,’ George enthuses.

‘There are 65 of these structures set in 1,200 acres of pine forest, the glass panels are heated to stop the snow from settling on the roof, and there’s an “aurora alarm” in case the Northern Lights appear, to make sure guests don’t miss them!

‘Then there's the Arctic caravan. This ingenious design is the Finnish answer to the motor home,’ continues George.

‘The man who built it was inspired by the raw beauty of frozen Lake Inari, which is Finland’s third-largest lake, and nearly 100 times larger than our Lake Windermere.

‘He wanted to find a way of spending as much time there as possible, even in the depths of winter, so he invented the Arctic caravan.

'It’s a miniature, mobile haven for anyone who wants to be at one with the icy lake – without the risk of frostbite!’

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TV Times rating: ****