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Amber has a nasty fall...

Susan asks Amber to give a talk at school about professional career paths. Little does Amber know, Brad's fallen asleep during his break, and she's left to handle an unruly class on her own. Disaster strikes when Amber slips on a grape on the floor and she crashes to the ground. Brad finally arrives to find Amber in pain and very scared that the fall has harmed her baby.

Kyle feels awful about making a move on Amy and decides Paul should go to Jimmy's school "Buddy Day" tomorrow instead. But Amy's furious and tears strips off Kyle. Thoroughly chastened, Kyle turns up for Jimmy's event after all, which leads to a thaw between Kyle and Amy, who agree to be mates again.  

Nate and Aaron bond over their mutual concern for Tyler and learn more about each other in the process. With their attraction to each other now undeniable, they finally agree to go out on a date.