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Andy struggles to support Josh

Andy guides Josh back to his room and then helps him with his speech exercises. Josh says 'Andy', but quickly follows with the words: 'I'm scared', leaving Andy devastated.

Irene is deeply troubled by Olivia’s dark secret and starts to act out of character when she gets an order wrong and storms out of The Diner. Leah tracks her down, but Irene refuses to reveal what's on her mind. Finally, Irene struggles to manage her emotions when she hears a chilling voice from the past.

Hannah tells Evelyn she is keeping her distance from Andy, leaving the teenager confused. Evelyn asks Chris if he knows the reason why and he thinks it's his fault, so he encourages his girlfriend to be there for Andy and Josh. Later, Chris gets some good news that his father has left rehab.

Also, Jett invites his new girlfriend Skye over for lunch and John soon realises the pair are hiding something.