Ash and Brax confront Dean

Ash and Brax arrive at Dean's house and demand to know where Billie is, but Dean claims she's left him. Frustrated, Brax and Ash return to the pub where Ash gets drowns his sorrows. Brax decides to confront Dean again and waits outside his home; unaware Ricky has left him a loving voicemail…

Marilyn and John organise a surprise celebration for Jett after his birth certificate arrives. As they are about to announce the news, John realises there is a problem and alerts Marilyn, leaving Jett oblivious that his birth certificate lists him as a year older…

During a shift at Angelo's, Phoebe hears that her song will play on the radio for the first time. When the song comes on, Phoebe turns up the volume and starts dancing on tables while Kyle celebrates at Angelo's. At the celebrations, Denny tells Andy that Hannah is not interested, so he and Neive end up back at her hotel room! While there, Andy overhears Neive saying that Phoebe will need a passport.

Ellen Markwardt
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