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Ash tells Tori he has feeling for her

When Ash tells Tori exactly how he feels about her, how will Tori respond?

On the beach, Ash runs into Tori doing yoga and they have an awkward conversation, which is overheard by Leah who can tell that Tori still has feelings for Ash. When Tori  categorically denies it, Leah suggests that, in that case, she should ask someone else out on date. And when Tori sees a handsome stranger in The Diner, that's exactly what she does.

Later on, Justin accidentally tells Ash about his sister's planned date.  Ash decides to gatecrash the date and spy on Tori but when he ends up taking Marilyn's advice and grabs the opportunity to tell Tori exactly how he feels while she's getting a drink at the bar, how will Tori react?

Also, Ash is worried about Kat but when he tries to track her down he finds her and Robbo kissing!  He confronts the two of them but an angry Kat shuts Ash down, telling him he has crossed the line and to back off!