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Ashley asks Bob to be his best man

Second episode

At Ashley’s stag do, Bob is touched when Ashley asks him if he’ll be his best man. The men are getting into the swing of things, playing Twister, when Doug arrives. He’s found out that his daughter Laurel is pregnant and wants words with Ashley. The vicar is taken aback by Doug’s attitude to the news. Question is, will Laurel make up with Doug in time for the wedding?

Needing to look into her dad’s eyes as she confronts him over Aaron’s allegations, Liv arrives at Gordon’s place. But Gordon’s not about to admit anything, and instead battles to get his young daughter to believe his side of the story. Liv is in turmoil by the time Aaron catches up with her. Who will she believe?

Meanwhile, Chas corners Sandra and keeps on at her until she admits she knew Gordon was abusing Aaron. Horrified by Sandra’s admission, Chas reels when Sandra refuses to give a statement to the police. Begging Sandra for help, Chas appeals to her as a mother, asking how she would feel if Liv were in the same situation.