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Ayesha meets a stranger with a secret

(Image credit: BBC)

There’s chemistry between Ayesha and Ray when she treats him for an infected tattoo and the pair hook up at The Icon. After a few drinks, they kiss and sex is on the cards but Ayesha doesn't tell Ray about her living arrangements with Sierra. Back at her house, Ayesha gets a call from Niamh to alert her to the fact that she has discovered from another patient that Ray is a well-known philanderer who is married with children. Ayesha is furious and throws Ray out.

Niamh discovers that a pharmacist, Alison, has altered one of her prescriptions and they pair discuss how they can work collaboratively. But, this does not satisfy Zara who tells Niamh that she will take this matter further. However, when Mrs Tembe gives Niamh a letter, she is delighted to discover that it is a letter of praise from a satisfied patient.

Also, Jimmi spends the whole day thinking about his mystery woman and pontificating on the concept of love with Al.