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Ayesha pays Ashley a visit

(Image credit: BBC)

Will Ayesha regret talking to Ashley?

Ashley comes into The Mill and asks Valerie to have lunch with him at The Icon. Valerie can’t make the lunch date, so Ayesha goes in her place. When Ayesha arrives, she confronts Ashley about his intentions towards Valerie and demands that he be honest. She also berates him for walking out on Valerie when she was diagnosed with cancer.

Ashley admits he is a coward but vows to do the right thing. Later, Ashley meets up with Valerie and, instead of being honest, he tells Valerie that Ayesha was aggressive towards him. Will Ashley tear this friendship apart?

Meanwhile, Sid thinks he may have found a way to solve The Mill's technical failings. He has found a way to isolate the virus damaging the system and urges all staff members to delete old emails, documents and change passwords. Will Sid be able to fix the system in time for the NHS inspection the following day?