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Ayesha and Valerie have a heart to heart

(Image credit: BBC)

Ayesha and Valerie comfort each other...

Now that Valerie knows she has scabies, she's determined to clean her house from top to bottom and that starts with her bedroom. Ayesha helps Valerie strip the bedding and the pair discuss the re-wedding of Heston and Ruhma. While Ayesha is keen to forget the day her mum died, she knows that the day is important to Heston and Ruhma. Will Ayesha attend the re-wedding of her friends?

Meanwhile, Karen has bought every possible oil and medication to get rid of her scabies. Rob finds Karen’s despair funny, but Karen is upset and perplexed, as she doesn't understand where she could have been to catch scabies. As the pair lay in ointment on the bed, their conversation soon turns to Heston, and Rob admits that he regrets not following Heston's lead on the viper case.

Also, Al is flicking through old family albums and sees a picture of his mother's brother - Uncle Terry. Al hasn't seen his uncle in years and rings to find out why the entire family stopped speaking to him. Will Al believe his mother when she explains why her brother is an outcast?