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Ben breaks Xanthe's heart

Ben Kirk in Neighbours

While looking for Ben, Xanthe makes a shocking discovery...

Trapped in the shed by the snake, Xanthe is aware that every second that ticks by keeps her from her date with Ben. Meanwhile, Piper’s chasing after her newly named cat Clementine when she finds Xanthe and quickly grasps the gravity of the situation. Luckily Clementine jumps into the fray and chases the snake away. Xanthe’s desperate to find Ben but has to get to her film project rehearsal – where she witnesses a heartbreaking scene…

Ben’s annoyed when Xanthe doesn’t show up – and unsurprisingly Alison Gore is quick to put Xanthe down. She convinces him to check out the hotel room her mum hired for their film project, and before he knows it Ben is kissing her. A mistake that explodes in his face as Xanthe arrives to catch them out.

An excited Terese tells Madison she’s snagged Solomon Canter to be the chef for Lassiters. But she’s furious when she discovers that he’s decided to work for Paul. Confronting him, Terese assures a smug Paul he hasn’t got the best of her, but it’s clear the sexual tension between them is undeniable.