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Will Ben Mitchell go after Willmott Brown after finding out he raped Kathy?

EastEnders - Ben Mitchell Kathy Beale
(Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

After finding out that James Willmott Brown raped his mum, Ben storms out of the house to confront Luke, who reveals his father wants to see him.

Ben is in shock after Kathy’s revelation that she was raped by Willmott Brown. He storms out of the house, followed by Kathy and Phil, who stop him from doing anything stupid. Kathy explains why she never told him about the rape. Still concerned, she talks to Ian, who is sure that Ben will stay well away from Luke now he knows the truth. Ben demands to see Luke and confronts him over whether he knew what had happened to his mum. Luke reveals that Willmott Brown wants to see him…

Carmel is keen to make things up with Stacey so they can get back on track. Although Stacey is reluctant, Martin encourages her to give Carmel a second chance. Stacey agrees and texts Carmel, asking her to visit. A thrilled Carmel is delighted to see the family.

Also, Honey comes up with an idea for a Safari Supper to raise money for The Queen Vic. Meanwhile, Gethin’s revelation that Bex kissed him does not go down well with Sonia!