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Bianca makes a meal of the dinner
Bianca makes a meal of the dinner (Image credit: BBC)

Bianca arrives Fargo's with Ricky, Pat and the kids and new Maitre D' Bernard (David Bamber) is snooty with them. The free meal voucher only covers two adults and Bianca tries to pull a fast one to get a free meal. Bernard is not having any of it and Pat is forced to leave her rings as surety that they will come back and pay the bill. Meanwhile, Stacey panics about getting Jean her medication and borrows Bradley's new company car to catch up with her. Bradley is horrified but he agrees to drop Stacey off when she explains at Fargo's. Stacey walks in to find that her mum has been stood up and is causing a scene after an altercation with Bianca. Max is confused when Tanya seems less than welcoming, as he is under the impression that she sent him the text to come home. Jack seethes as Max thanks him for looking after her. Tanya confronts Max about turning up uninvited and they realise Abi sent the text and Max tells a nervous Tanya he'll stay with Jack. Also, Zainab faces her past; Lucas tells Denise he's staying in Walford; Dot comforts Clare on an anniversary for her late mum. VIDEO: Catch up with the latest EastEnders action

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