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Billie is attacked!

Kat and Ash agree that the kiss was a one-off mistake – Kat's desperate not to hurt her friendship with Phoebe over a stupid misguided kiss. Later, Billie runs into Kat and reveals she knows about the kiss, but Kat insists it was meaningless. Billie confesses to Ash that she felt sorry for Dylan, but is unaware he's overheard her. Ash offers to stay with Kat again but she insists Billie will be home soon. Little do either of them realise that Billie is being attacked by a masked man at the gym...

Nate tries to romance Ricky when she gets home from visiting Kyle in prison. But when John arrives home unexpectedly from Europe, all three get a shock. John expects them to move out and make room for him and Skye... so off they go to the share house flat, bumping Ash out and into Kyle's old room.

Nate's day gets better when Casey says "dada". But when Ricky explains it feels weird that Casey would call him dad, he storms off to talk to Irene. Ricky's not happy to discover he's been blabbing about their problems… is the honeymoon over before it's begun?