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Billie takes comfort in VJ

BIllie Ashford in Home and Away
BIllie Ashford in Home and Away

Billie uses VJ to help her forget the attack

VJ apologises to Billie for trying to kiss her, but explains he can’t stop thinking about her. Later, the pair arrange a surf date and share a kiss, but when Billie gets home, she breaks down thinking about her attack.

Hannah and Josh bump into Alf, and their sheepish behaviour makes him suspicious. He tells Zac, who opens up the house computer and sees the webpage for the local registry office. Zac and Leah stop Evelyn and Josh in the middle of saying their vows and Leah tells them if they get married now, their wedding day will be tainted by grief. The pair agree and when Evelyn gets home, she breaks down in Josh’s arms.

Andy visits Tank in hospital and feels terrible when he says he is willing to go down for the crime. Tank is arrested and charged with death and destruction and Greg pleads with him to tell the truth. Greg tells Andy that he knows he had something to do with the explosion – so a guilty Andy hands himself into the police.