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Brax and Ash's trip has murderous consequences

Ash opens up to Sam, the local barman who reveals Dean hit him with a shovel when he tried to break up a fight between him and Billie. Meanwhile, Brax follows Dean into a pitch-black ally and finds him digging up money that he and Ash stole in a robbery. The pair fight leaving Dean injured on the ground. Brax returns to Ash with cash and when Sam overhears he drives to the ally and takes his revenge by murdering Dean.

Marilyn and John clash over telling Jett the truth about his age. Jett eventually finds out and storms off upset. When he returns he says they should celebrate that the fact he is officially a Palmer.

Andy tells Phoebe he's heard the exciting plans Nieve has for her. Phoebe demands answers from Neive who reveals they are having a launch party for her new record and then she'll be embarking on a 12-week tour of Asia. Phoebe asks if Kyle will come, but realises that his parole conditions won't let him leave the country. When Phoebe says she doesn't want to leave, Neive turns nasty…