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Brax is back!

Ricky returns to Casey's room and sees Nate cradling him. Overcome with emotions and realising how lucky she is, Ricky asks Nate to marry him and he accepts. With things starting to look up, Ricky is dealt a low blow when she returns home and finds Brax waiting for her…

Casey is diagnosed with viral meningitis. Josh tries to apologise to Ricky and Kyle, but they are sick of his excuses and Kyle tells him that he needs to stop wallowing in the aftermath of his accident.

Matt and Maddy discuss the idea of living with Roo, but the lovebirds politely reject her offer. However, after Roo has a persuasive chat with Matt, the couple have a change of heart.

Skye and Oscar visit Carol at the hospital but Skye is forced to come to terms with the fact her mother is now a shadow of herself and tells her she loves her. As they head back to The Bay, the pair talk and Skye is in awe of Oscar's kindness.