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Brax meets his son

Brax and Ricky decide to call their baby Casey, as a tribute to his late brother. Ricky stays strong and comforts Brax as he expresses how guilty he feels about not being there for her and the baby. After Ricky leaves the prison gates she breaks down in tears.

Alf returns from fishing to find his psychologist in the living room and he's not pleased. He tells Maria her services won't be needed, but just as she leaves, she manages to persuade Alf to have one more therapy session…

After discussing her career with Irene, Phoebe decides to become a music teacher. Chris signs up as her first student as he knows she's strapped for cash. It turns out Andy is a pretty good guitar player, but Billie misinterprets their lesson for a date.

Later, Billie tries to kiss Kyle, but he quickly rejects her advances, so she tells him that Chris and Phoebe have been getting close. But when Chris tells Phoebe that Billie has been telling tales, the ladies exchange some cross words...

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