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Emmerdale spoilers: Is Brenda going to confront Bob about his affair with Laurel?

Emmerdale spoilers! Arson attack! Has Brenda’s revenge on Bob and Laurel gone too far?

Brenda follows Bob when he leaves Ashley's memorial early

It's an emotional day in Emmerdale as the villagers gather for Ashley's memorial. A year has passed since the village vicar, who had dementia, died leaving his wife Laurel devastated and responsible for his three kids. But as Laurel helps Harriet get the hall ready for the event, Brenda is tortured by the knowledge that the widow, her so-called friend, is secretly sleeping with her fiance Bob.

When Bob slips out of his friend's memorial service, Brenda tails him… Is she about to confront her love-cheat fiance?

*This is all the information available for this episode