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Can Brax and VJ save Nate?

Relieved VJ is breathing, Brax reluctantly follows Nate's first aid instructions. It becomes clear Nate's bleeding internally and needs help fast. Aware he must keep Nate awake, Brax talks about the one thing they have in common - Ricky. Brax and VJ get Nate to the car, then to the surf club where he's airlifted to hospital. Brax is happy he helped, but upset he couldn't save Casey. Seeing Brax hurting, Denny returns the engagement ring to Ricky.

Josh is kicking himself for blowing things with Evelyn. Oscar reminds him that they both connected over art and maybe he should start there. Evelyn apologises to Cal for Josh's behaviour. He reassures her its fine, but advises her to make things clear with Josh. Knowing he's right, Evelyn seems to be won over when Josh draws a portrait of her.

Meanwhile, Oscar impresses Miss Taylor by getting all the students back on the bus when he realises how distressed she feels after discovering Nate has gone missing.