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Can Maddy complete the Colour Run?

As the Colour Run begins, Maddy decides to walk the race and is accompanied by Oscar, Roo and Alf. Half way Maddy falls, but realises she can’t give up when the going gets tough and decides to fight cancer. She finishes the race and is covered in colour!

Ricky visits Brax in prison and is perplexed when she sees Ash there too. Brax is injured, but won’t say who is responsible and is sent to solitary confinement. Ash calls the prison pretending to be Brax’s lawyer, but when he finds out about the fight he decides not to tell Ricky.

Kat challenges Nate to race her in the Colour Run while Chris offers to take her out for coffee. The pair meet and Kat convinces Chris to fake an injury due the Colour Run to slow Nate down. Chris thinks he stands a chance with Kat until it becomes obvious she isn’t interested.

Phoebe and Kyle leave the Colour Run to set up the after party at Angelo’s. Matt is missing, so Kyle suggests Phoebe sings and she agrees after being inspired by Maddy’s courage. However, the night takes a surprise turn when Kyle asks Phoebe to marry him- on stage!