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Can Matt control his drinking?

Leah confronts a troubled Matt who continues to hide his drinking, while Evelyn decides not to tell Josh about her kiss with Matt. Leah advises Matt to stop drinking in a heart to heart, but her advice goes in one ear and out the other. Josh realises that Matt has gone missing and alerts Leah and Irene. When Matt returns, Leah feels guilty for being absent, but Matt says he's turning over a new leaf.

Kyle decides not to tell Ricky why she can't visit Brax, so a frustrated Ricky tells Phoebe to move out and sort out her relationship woes. Phoebe and Kyle meet but things go from bad to worse when Kyle tells her he wants to start a family. Later, Ash tells Ricky that Brax has been put in solitary confinement after a fight.

Also, John and Alf are putting their hearts and souls into making the Anzac tribute a triumph. When Alf and Maddy talk about the Canberra War Memorial excursion, she inadvertently reveals that the younger generation doesn't care about Anzac day.