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Can Tyler prove that Fay is innocent?

Tyler Brennan in Neighbours

Is Fay telling the truth?

Tyler is determined to prove that Fay didn't murder Hamish, but Mark tells him to leave the investigating to the police, as he's still a suspect himself. Meanwhile, Mishti isn't convinced that Fay is a murderer and, after some digging, she finds out that Fay spent the night with Bill Warley. Fay comes clean and says she only confessed to protect Tyler. Now the police know that Fay is innocent, Tyler is back in the frame…

Aaron feels vulnerable after his mother's brush with the law and his stalker ordeal. Rory senses that Aaron needs a shoulder to cry on and takes advantage…

Also, Karl is furious with Paul and his plans to name the new hospital wing in honour of Helen Davis. He's even more furious when he finds out that Susan is working with Paul to raise funds for the hospital wing. Will Paul's games cause cracks in their marriage?