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Cassie is caught with Macca
Cassie is caught with Macca (Image credit: five)

With Ric due home in a week, Cassie expresses her concerns to Macca that their secret affair will soon be out in the open, and Macca chats with Jack who tells him that he can’t lie to Martha about the affair much longer. Later, Macca arrives to spend time with Cassie, who announces that she plans to tell Ric the truth – today! The couple share a passionate kiss, but they’re interrupted by the door opening behind them. Cassie and Macca spin around and are horrified to see a stunned Ric standing there! Rachel is shocked into silence as Kim confesses he’s infertile. He advises her to decide whether she wants to stay with him, and, after much soul searching and a helpful chat with Leah, she tells Kim she’s going to stand by him 100 per cent. Christening preparations for baby Ella are in full swing, and Robbie and Tasha are pleased by Jack and Martha’s united front. But as the ceremony unfolds, Kim finds it increasingly difficult to cope with the harsh reminder that he’ll never be able to have kids. Later, Kim moves into Ella’s room to comfort her when he hears her crying, and Rachel sees him comforts her in his arms.

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