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Casualty spoilers: Archie’s HUGE secret shocks Connie!

Connie has Archie in her sights in Casualty
Connie has Archie in her sights in <a href="/casualty-home/" data-source-seowords>Casualty</a> (Image credit: BBC)

Connie confronts Archie, Ruby’s mum drops a baby bombshell, and Jade struggles with Marty’s life-choices in Casualty

Hell and Holby hath no fury like Connie, Charlie and Jade scorned in this Saturday’s Casualty!

Warning: Contains spoilers about Connie Beauchamp, Archie Hudson, Charlie Fairhead and many more Casualty favourites…

Connie looks thoughtful

Will Connie will conduct herself with delicate diplomacy when she confronts Archie? (Image credit: BBC)

Clinical lead Connie Beauchamp has seen it all during her medical career. Even so, the senior medic can still be shocked!

This week Connie (Amanda Mealing) discovers that protégé Archie Hudson (Genesis Lynea) is in secret talks with Doctor Megan Harrison about leaving Holby for a new career abroad.

Connie has been desperately trying to regain Archie’s trust and respect since she returned to the ED in the New Year. It’s been an uphill battle, as Archie remained distrustful of her superior, whose addiction to prescription drugs last year resulted in Archie getting stabbed!

Recently Connie’s been paying Archie special attention, offering to help with her career progression. This week – in a nice nod to sister show Holby City - Connie reveals she’s been talking to hospital CEO Max McGerry about creating a new consultant’s post for Archie.

Connie looks on as Archie talks to Megan

Connie gets confirmation that Archie is in cahoots with Megan... (Image credit: BBC)

Archie’s reaction to the news is lukewarm however, and Connie soon discovers why. During a catty run-in with Megan (Emily Woof) the visiting surgeon reveals she’s offered Archie a job in Sudan with her!

Deeply hurt Connie confronts Archie, who is confused and uncertain about which job offer means more to her…

Speaking to What’s on TV last year Genesis revealed: “When Connie returned to the ED, Archie was still holding on to what happened - after all she did get stabbed because of Connie! Archie really wanted to ensure that Connie was safe to work with patients.”

She added: “Connie’s the best at what she does and the reason Archie came to work at the ED in the first place. She still has a soft spot for her."

Archie looking surprised when confronted by Connie

We can finally reveal what Genesis Lynea (pictured) told us about Archie and Connie's storyline last year! (Image credit: BBC)

“Archie’s actually very forgiving of Connie and everything she did," said Genesis. "She knows that just because someone does something horrible that doesn’t mean you can’t forgive them. One of the great things about Archie is that she wants to change the world!’

Can Connie convince Archie to stay in Holby, or will her heavy-handed approach drive the aspirational young medic away?

Ruby’s baby bombshell!

Ruby is downcast after a confrontation with her mum

Mum's not the word for Ruby. Lavender's parental proposal leaves a bad taste... (Image credit: BBC)

Ruby’s near-mythical mum Lavender (Sian Webber) turns up for a charged mother and child reunion.

Angry accusations fly about who is to blame for Violette’s death, and whether or not Ruby’s fit to take care of baby Harmony. Lavender has strong opinions about the welfare of her granddaughter and drops a baby bombshell on the young paramedic.

Struggling to juggle motherhood, work, and living in a house share with Marty and Jade, will Ruby (Maddy Hill) reach breaking point?

Marty’s behaviour shocks Jade

Marty alone in a darkened room

Will Marty open up to Jade and explain that he's in a dark place? (Image credit: BBC)

This week, there’s a guest star double-whammy!

Marty has his head turned by terminally ill Dean (Hollyoaks and Coronation Street star Tony Hirst). Dean has brought his pal Hazel (Michelle Holmes of Good Night Sweetheart fame) into the ED after she’s injured helping him complete his bucket list… While Marty and Dean flirt, Jade sympathises with Hazel.

Later, both Marty and Dean disappear for an unexplainably long time.

Has Marty accepted a saucy proposal from Dean?

Meanwhile, Jade jeopardises her working relationships with both Charlie and David when she continues to cover for Marty. When Marty crosses a line, will jaded Jade drop him in it with furious Charlie?

Also in Casualty this week…

Grieving Charlie back at work

Jade and Marty add to Charlie's grief... Will they push him too far? (Image credit: BBC)

Lev offers grieving Ruby invaluable support. But both paramedics must shelve their personal problems in order to treat acid attack victim Susan (Downton Abbey star Emma Lowndes).

What have protesting students Elodie (Danielle Saunders) and Arman (Shamail Ali) got to do with Susan’s horrendous assault?

Charlie is infuriated by Marty and Jade’s behaviour. Will he take action?

And David makes a shocking revelation about Rosa.

This episode of Casualty airs on Saturday 07 March on BBC1 at 9.20pm