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Casualty spoilers: Charlie’s PAINFUL final farewell to Duffy

Charlie cuts a lonely figure dressed in a black suit before Duffy's funeral
(Image credit: BBC)

On the day of Duffy’s funeral, Charlie struggles to say goodbye… At Holby ED Archie sees another side to Connie

Everything you need to know about this week’s Casualty

Warning: Contains spoilers. Also may cause crying. Duffy we miss you!

Charlie’s last goodbye to Duffy in Casualty

Photo of Duffy in uniform by a lit candle

Last goodbye... Casualty pays a touching tribute to Duffy this week (Image credit: BBC)

Charlie Fairhead faces one of the toughest times of his life, as the day of wife Duffy’s funeral arrives.

The senior nurse is still in shock over losing his soul mate last week.

Duffy, who was living with dementia, died following complications from a stroke and hypothermia after going missing in wintery conditions.

This week there are poignant scenes as Charlie’s friends gather round to support him. But when Duffy’s remains are brought to the home they shared, Charlie (Derek Thompson) is overcome with guilt believing he let Duffy down when she needed him most…

Overwhelmed by his loss and the responsibility of making funeral decisions, Charlie leaves his house, unsure where he’s going or what he’s doing…

Will he make it to the church in time to pay tribute to the woman he loved for over 30 years?

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Charlie’s angels…

Charlie and Robyn hold hands as they're driven to Duffy's funeral

In his time of need, Charlie's friends are there for him in Casualty (Image credit: BBC)

David Hide (Jason Durr) races after the senior medic when he happens to clock his close friend slipping off shortly before Duffy’s funeral. Will Charlie open up to David, and can David persuade Charlie to say his final goodbyes to Duffy?

Robyn Miller (Amanda Henderson) is like a daughter to Charlie and Duffy, so naturally she does her best to support Charlie in his hour of need, despite struggling with her own grief and loss… Will grieving Charlie realise Robyn is a rock he can cling to during his darkest hour?

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Remembering Duffy

The Holby staff turn out in force to pay tribute as Duffy's hearse passes the ED

Honouring Holby hero, Duffy, one last time... (Image credit: BBC)

Not everyone who loves Charlie and Duffy can make it to the funeral this week. Some of the couple’s closest colleagues and friends are on duty at Holby ED. But that doesn’t mean they won’t honour Duffy in their own way…

Connie’s inner conflict

Connie in tears alone in her office

Heartbroken Connie Beauchamp mourns Duffy alone (Image credit: BBC)

Archie Hudson is perplexed when she discovers Connie Beauchamp isn’t attending Duffy’s funeral. Later, however, Archie (Genesis Lynea) sees another side to Connie (Amanda Mealing) when she becomes privy to how deeply Connie is grieving…

Archie's Connie connection

Archie deep in thought at work

Archie begins to see Connie in a new light... (Image credit: BBC)

The atmosphere between Archie and Connie remains strained this week. Will Archie’s respect for Connie begin to return when they join forces to work on a suspected domestic abuse case? With nothing as it seems, Archie can’t fail to be impressed by Connie’s expert approach to an ethically tricky situation…

This episode of Casualty airs on BBC1, Saturday 08 February at 8.55pm

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