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Casualty spoilers: Iain’s emotional Paramedic Special

Michael Stevenson as paramedic Iain Dean
Michael Stevenson as paramedic Iain Dean (Image credit: BBC / Alistair Heap)

Casualty paramedic special! Can Iain open up about his hidden heartache and rebuild his life?

Silk star Frances Barber guest stars as Claire Wakelins in this special episode of Casualty focusing on a month in the life of paramedic Iain Dean. Following Iain’s suicide attempt earlier this year, he is now working as a 999 operator while struggling to recover from depression. Iain (Michael Stevenson) believes he’s beyond help, but his therapist Claire disagrees…

Can she help him on the road to recovery?

WARNING: Contains spoilers!

Iain’s heartache

This special episode devoted to Iain Dean follows the troubled paramedic over the course of a month. Recently Iain made a heart-breaking suicide attempt after months of torment following the death of his paramedic partner Sam Nicholls. Although depressed and resistant to getting therapy Iain is determined to get back to work…

Jan’s deal

A few weeks ago Iain’s boss Jan Jenning (Di Botcher) made him a deal - if he attended therapy sessions and worked at ambulance control, she’d consider his return. This week’s special follows Iain as he works as a 999-call operator and opens up to therapist, Claire…

Working towards a breakthrough

Frances Barber as therapist Claire

Frances Barber as therapist Claire (Image credit: BBC)

At first Iain’s unhappy answering 999 calls, until he helps a number of people, including Rox, a policewoman in danger, and a young girl called Frankie trapped in a burning house with her family, who reminds Iain of himself. These encounters lead to important heart-to-hearts with Claire, and Iain finally opens up about his inner pain…

Is Iain ready to accept help in his time of need?

Also this week

Amanda Hadingue plays supportive boss Laura, pictured here with Iain

Amanda Hadingue plays supportive boss Laura, pictured here with Iain (Image credit: BBC / Alistair Heap)

Iain’s sister Gem has moved into his flat and is doing her best to support and take care of him. Gem (Rebecca Ryan) feels powerless to help her big brother and is terrified he’ll attempt to take his life again…

Junior paramedic Ruby, who rescued Iain after his suicide attempt, is called to an emergency that resonates with everyone involved in Iain’s life.

Meanwhile, kind-hearted Ambulance Control supervisor Laura (Amanda Hadingue) keeps an eye on Iain, and listens to his concerns without judgement.

Other guest stars include Rochelle James, who Iain works alongside at emergency centre, Katie West as police officer Rox, and Nancy Surridge, who plays young 999 caller Frankie.

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