Casualty spoilers: Rash attacks Ethan!

Ethan in ED with Rash behind him
Watch out Ethan! Rash is behind you... (Image credit: BBC)

Rash snaps and attacks Ethan in Casualty. Elsewhere, Duffy struggles with being back in the busy ED…

Rash is back on his bike – but not for long when a run-in with Ethan turns violent. Elsewhere, Rosa receives a distressing letter, and it’s Duffy’s first day at Holby ED in her new role as a hospital volunteer…

Warning: Contains spoilers about Rash Masum (Neet Mohan), Ethan Hardy (George Rainsford), Duffy Fairhead (Cathy Shipton) and many more Casualty favourites!

Punch line…

A very serious looking Dylan in Resus while concerned Rash looks on

Setting the tone. Dylan's bad mood flows downwards in Casualty (Image credit: BBC)

Last week Rash began to form a friendship (of sorts) with Mason Reede, after agreeing not to reveal the junior doctor’s mistakes to senior medic Ethan Hardy. Viewers (and Rash) were delighted when grateful Mason returned Rash’s bike, which he’d previously won in a bet.

When we catch up with Rash this week, he’s finally starting to feel like himself for the first time since his mother’s death. But sadly the wheels come off Rash’s good feelings before he even makes it into the ED…

In a moment of distraction Rash physically careers his bike into Ethan, who’s busy on his phone reading texts from you-know-who… setting the tone for what’s going to follow later in the episode!

It’s another busy shift with clinical lead Dylan applying pressure on Ethan. Ethan in turn fobs his workload off on Rash, who’s left to treat as many patients as possible in the ED while also looking after Mason.

Rash eventually reaches breaking point when Ethan crosses a line this week. But just what happens to cause the mild-mannered young medic to punch his superior?

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Ethan gets personal…

Ethan looking perplexed and distracted

Fault lines. Ethan is quick to blame Rash for a patient's sudden deterioration (Image credit: BBC)

After allowing himself to be blackmailed into finding out which medical trial group Effie was placed in last week - and subsequently raising more eyebrows than Lady Mary in Downton Abbey - this week Ethan decides to distance himself from both  Effie and her father, Theo.

But it’s easier said than done…

A barrage of texts from Theo and Effie distracts Ethan from his work duties leaving the senior medic stressed and short tempered. Later while accusing Rash of missing something medically important, Ethan makes some personal comments that lead to Rash seeing red!

Hiding truths

David in his car shouting at Rosa

Cross words. David unleashes his temper when he discovers Rosa's hiding something (Image credit: BBC)

A letter from Rosa’s mother puts her in a very bad mood when we catch up with Casualty this week. Rosa (Jacey Salles) uncharacteristically snaps at Ollie while getting ready for work. Something she regrets later when Ollie takes his frustrations out on his Judo teacher, Mel, who ends up in the ED!

But before that, Rosa has some explaining to do when David Hide discovers the letter and sees his name doodled in love hearts! Has Rosa fallen for the ED nurse, or is something else at play?

Confronted, straight-talking Rosa reveals the meaning behind the letter lies in a heart-breaking personal tragedy… David is profoundly sympathetic until Rosa forces David and Ollie to address a deep-seated issue of their own. With emotions running high, Rosa makes a hasty decision, which could spell the end of their makeshift family…

Duffy back where she belongs?

Robyn hugs a sad and worried looking Charlie

Caring for Chuffy. Robyn is keeping a close and loving eye on Charlie and Duffy (Image credit: BBC)

It’s Duffy’s first day as a hospital volunteer. With the ED under pressure Duffy helps anywhere and everywhere she can, from making beds to putting the kettle on. Robyn, however, is concerned it’s all too much for her.

Charlie doesn’t take kindly to Robyn’s point of view, but is his defensiveness hiding bigger worries?

Also this week in Casualty…

Rosa talks to Ollie outside on a bench in the sunshine

Is Rosa about to leave the Hide? (Image credit: BBC)

Acting clinical lead Dylan Keogh is on the warpath when he hears St James Hospital had a surprise inspection. Dylan (William Beck) realises there’s a lot to do at Holby before the inspectors turn up. Determined to get the ED shipshape, Dylan orders Ethan to sort out the night shift rota. It’s a tricky job and leads to Ethan passing many of his duties on to overworked Rash… and we all know how that turns out!

Meanwhile, nurses Marty and Jade openly gossip about Gem Dean’s love life. Is Rash about to discover some painful news about his ex?

Elsewhere, paramedics Ruby and Lev rescue a couple from a DIY disaster (Is there any other kind in Holby land?) When injuries turn out to be more serious than first realised, a life hangs in the balance...

Casualty airs on Saturday 26 October on BBC1 at 9.10

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