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Celebrity 5 Go Barging – Channel 5

Celebrity 5 Go Barging

Five more celebrities find that holidaying on a narrow boat isn’t all plain sailing in a new series of Channel 5’s Celebrity 5 Go Barging

Packing their suitcases for a holiday with a difference, Amanda Barrie, Anita Harris, Michael Buerk, Shaun Williamson and John Prescott (all pictured above) embark on a special jaunt that sees them learning the ropes about canal life in a new series of Channel 5’s Celebrity 5 Go Barging.

As the famous five set off on two traditional narrow boats, Esme and Mollie, on Caldon Canal in Staffordshire, it’s not that long before the bargepoles are needed for a bit of a rescue situation.

Fortunately, a quick stop off at the pub puts the wind back in everyone’s sails.

This is a shipshape adventure, filled with interesting historical titbits and lashings of good old-fashioned fun… for both the celebrity crew on the canal and all the landlubbers who are watching at home. 

Anita Harris and Amanda Barrie in Celebrity 5 Go Barging

Real-life friends Anita Harris and Amanda Barrie enjoy life on the water in Channel 5’s Celebrity 5 Go Barging

Here, in an exclusive interview, Coronation Street legend Amanda, 83, and iconic performer Anita, 77, give us the steer on their trip…

What attracted you to Celebrity 5 Go Barging?

Amanda: I like doing reality shows, but when this one came about, I wasn’t sure it would be my cup of tea.

It’s outdoors and I’ve never been on a narrow boat before.

But then I heard who else was doing it.

It sounds luvvie but I’ve known Anita for a long time and knew I couldn’t have been with a better person.

We were like a little family.

There were so many laughs.

Anita: I was so lucky with this group of people – gentlemanly Michael, Shaun and his encyclopaedic mind, John with his passion for colliers and canals, and my darling Amanda!

I wondered if I’d find that tranquillity and lovely feeling of having nothing to worry about except handling our narrow boat.

Were there any mishaps?

Amanda: I did a grand gesture and my watch went flying into the canal!

We were better than the boys at managing our barge but they made me laugh.

Anita: Let’s just say the boys got stuck!

Amanda and I had to rescue them.

I nearly fell in once – I was standing on the deck and stepped back, but there was nothing there!

TV Times rating: ****

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