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Shock passionate kiss… Charity locks lips with Vanessa!

Charity Dingle, Vanessa Woodfield

Charity plants a passionate kiss on Vanessa when the women get locked in the cellar at The Woolie

Charity learns never to use a chair to prop open a broken cellar door when she does just that at The Woolie and finds herself locked in! With Vanessa Woodfield. Who's drunk. [Second episode tonight].

Knowing there's no way Victoria will hear them, meaning they're trapped down there for the foreseeable, Charity tucks into the booze as Vanessa lays into her over Charity's treatment of her dad Frank.

Drunk and in a confined space, anger and banter soon spill over and as the whisky flows, the women start kissing…

Inside the Dingles' barn, a gathering has been called and a confession is required… But who's done what?

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