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Charlie is dying!

(Image credit: BBC)

In the second part of this weekend’s special double-bill marking the start of Casualty’s 30th series, the life of original cast member Charlie Fairhead hangs in the balance…

Charlie’s distraught colleagues do everything they can to save him. But it’s an unbelievably busy night in the ED and resources are stretched to breaking point. So when Charlie’s health takes a turn for the worse lifesaving treatment is delayed and the outlook is grim.

Although it looks like it’s the end of the road for the nursing legend, despite all the odds, Charlie manages to pull through.

Meanwhile, Duffy throws herself into her work, determined to help out Charlie’s shocked ED colleagues by treating the vulnerable patients.

Influenced by Duffy, Louise makes a decision about her future – she’s going to face her fears and return to nursing!

Elsewhere, Dylan realises the depths of his OCD disorder and that it’s time to get help. Zoe and Max kiss, but they’re very far from reconciliation. And, after one of the most testing shifts in Holby history, everyone is relieved Charlie’s pulled through.