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Chris & Michael Under the Christmas Sky
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Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan travel the world to visit areas famous for natural light displays in the sky, discovering local customs and going in search of wildlife

Christmas is looking up for the intrepid Chris and Michaela

There’s not a Christmas pudding in sight when Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan team up for this joyously outdoorsy festive special.

Determined to witness the wonders of the Winter skies, Chris and Michaela head to the Arabian Desert in search of the fabled Star of Bethlehem, and brave freezing conditions in Norway in the hope of witnessing the magic of the Northern Lights, which have eluded Chris for years!

Chris and Michaela’s natural chemistry combined with mishaps involving camels and snow sledges, plus sightings of oryx, reindeer (maybe even Rudolph) and celestial wonders, make for a charming seasonal outing.

TV Times rating: ****

Chris And Michaela - Under The Christmas Sky

It's snow joke: Chris and Michaela take a sleigh ride

The trip begins in the Middle East as they follow in the steps of the Three Wise Men, revealing the science behind the Star of Bethlehem. Then it’s off to Norway’s frozen fjords to see the Northern Lights.

Michaela, 52, tells TV Times more...

Was the show fun to film?

Yes, it was a real adventure! The skies and wildlife are amazing, and Chris and I had a real laugh.

What did you do in Jordan?

Camping in the desert was hilarious. Chris hates camping – and his tent blew down! He nearly fell off his camel, too! We were thinking about the Three Wise Men. They possibly came from Persia following a star that probably was the conjunction of Mars and Jupiter.

How did you find Norway?

I loved it. The light is beautiful there as they only get about five hours of daylight. The shoot was challenging but we saw a stunning display of the Northern Lights!

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