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Cleo suddenly realises Pete's been abusing her

Cleo's furious when she finds photos of Jade among the ones of her and Pete. As she launches herself at Jade, Nancy takes the pair into a classroom and, as the three of them talk, Cleo suddenly realises Pete’s been abusing her. Cleo confesses everything to DS Drake. Pete is discharged from hospital but, outside, he’s arrested!

Mercedes and Joe return and Lindsey tells them there's no change in Kim's condition. At the hospital, Lindsey visits Kim, who’s confused about what her sister’s doing to her. Kim lets out a cry, which is heard by Mercedes, who’s at the hospital after twisting her ankle. Lindsey continues to medicate Kim but she doesn't see Mercedes looking in…

Ellie's suspicious about where Nathan spent the night, while he worries he's left his wallet at the McQueens'. Ellie overhears him talking to Porsche about what happened last night. Rachel gives guilty Nathan an engraved compass as a 'sorry' present for arguing with him, just as Porsche storms in to return his wallet...

Also, Darren's being investigated as an accomplice to Pete's hit-and-run. As he confides in Grace about the mess he's in, Nancy sells her wedding rings to pay for a solicitor. Later, Nancy's heartbroken to find out Grace has already hired a top solicitor and got Darren off the hook!


Victoria Wilson
Victoria Wilson

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