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Connie and Rita's showdown!

(Image credit: BBC?)

When junior doctor Lily literally drops from exhaustion this week, nurse manager Rita knows Connie needs to be challenged. First Connie refuses to acknowledge her punishing work schedules are causing serious problems, then she goes on to viciously accuse Rita of being incompetent and a danger to the hospital.

Fed up of being diplomatic, Rita fights back and they have a showdown in Connie’s office! Connie reveals she’s got a vendetta against Rita, and holds the nurse responsible for her losing custody of her daughter! The gloves are now off, and their battle is set to become an all out war…

Elsewhere, Dixie gives Iain a formal verbal warning. And Coronation Street’s Peter Gunn has some ‘arrowing scenes. He guest stars as Bryan Munnings, the founder of a local historical group, who comes into the ED with a wooden bolt through his bum!