Connie Beachchamp drugs Grace!

Connie beauchamp drugs Grace
Connie misunderstood Grace's request for a birthday surprise... (Image credit: BBC Pictures)

Connie Beauchamp goes to extremes to control her daughter’s recovery in Casualty…

Grace and Connie Beauchamp’s mother-daughter relationship has been less than loving of late. Connie has been pushing Grace very hard to make a full and speedy recovery from her catastrophic helicopter crash injuries. So much so that frail Grace is fighting back the only way she knows how…

This week it’s Grace’s birthday, but when parents Connie and Sam Strachan gather round Grace to celebrate they discover a hidden stash of tablets under the sofa! Unhappy Grace has secretly stopped taking her epilepsy medicine in a bid to have some control over her life. Sam tries to talk calmly to Grace, but stressed Connie (Amanda Mealing) flies into a rage and insists her young daughter comes to work with her that day!

Daddy's girl

Sam tries to make Grace's birthday special despite the hospital surroundings (Image credit: BBC)


Later at the ED, Connie attempts to make amends and gives Grace a birthday cupcake. But when Grace bites into it she discovers Connie has sinisterly slipped the medication into her food!

Furious Grace finally reveals she’s only been pretending not to speak for months. She didn’t want to talk to Connie because she hates her! Connie viciously retorts that the feeling is mutual, seconds before Grace has a terrifying seizure…

The staff work hard to save Grace and she manages to pull through. But Connie realises she’s failed her daughter and agrees Grace should stay with Sam.

But in a twist of fate, Connie ends up treating Grace’s school friend, Hugo. When it’s revealed Hugo’s having problems at home she agrees to let him move in with her for a while. Will Connie’s affection for Hugo fracture her relationship with Grace for good?

Also this week, David returns to work after his mental health breakdown. His attempts to slip under the radar at work fail when Robyn and baby Charlotte call into the ED. David decides to quit and leaves a resignation letter on Jacob’s desk. But before the shift is over, Robyn openly forgives David and allows him to hold Charlotte. Shortly afterwards, Jacob rejects David’s resignation. Will this show of support help David forgive himself and move on from his traumatic breakdown?

Elsewhere, cracks are starting to show in Jez and Louise’s relationship. She wants him suited and booted for a posh dinner, he’s not keen! Jez feigns a headache, so feeling letdown, Louise hits the pub with Alicia.

Gem’s job is under threat. Her employers insist she must pass a numeracy test. But, even with Lily’s help, can she do it?

Meanwhile, Cal delights in making jibes at Alicia’s expense. Does he still have feelings for her? Or is he intent on punishing her for having an affair with his brother behind his back?


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