Connie blackmails Ethan and forces him into an impossible situation

Casualty Connie forces Ethan
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Doctor Ethan Hardy discovers Connie Beauchamp's secret heart condition and is forced into an impossible situation…

Connie Beauchamp (Amanda Mealing) may be at death’s door in this week’s Casualty, but she’s still got enough fight left in her to blackmail Ethan!

When clinical lead Connie drops a scalpel during a routine procedure, it doesn’t go unnoticed by her star junior doctor Ethan Hardy. Afterwards the concerned medic attempts to talk to Connie in her office and notices a number of prescriptions in her open handbag. It takes a few more pennies to drop before Ethan (George Rainsford) figures out that the heart ‘patient’ Connie’s been discussing with him recently is in fact his boss. Horrified that Connie’s going through this alone and desperate to convince her to change her mind about the surgery that could save her life, Ethan corners Connie and confronts her.

It's literally do or die time in Casualty. Will Ethan comply with Connie's demands?

It's literally do or die time in Casualty. Will Ethan comply with Connie's demands? (Image credit: BBC / Alistair Heap)

Connie, however, has a deadly weapon up her sleeve and uses it to blackmail Ethan into keeping her secret… after all, she’s keeping his! Ethan’s gobsmacked to learn Connie knows he allowed Scott Ellisson die, however, there’s worse to come for the young doctor. Connie’s unable to use her arm and in danger of losing it completely – will he comply when Connie demands he does something that could spell the end of his career and her life?

Meanwhile, Lily (Crystal Yu) attempts to play Sam at her own game in order to keep boyfriend Iain’s attention on her. When Iain fobs her off, will Lily allow Elle to talk her into an exciting hew career opportunity?

Charlie may have some explaining to do to Duffy...

Charlie may have some explaining to do to Duffy... (Image credit: BBC / Alistair Heap)

Also this week, Alicia plans a last minute driving lesson before her test but it ends in disaster when her driving instructor is hospitalized!

And Duffy asks Charlie to make a change that ruffles his feathers - is he having trouble adjusting to married life?

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