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Coronation Street: Asha Alahan sends Corey packing!

Coronation Street: Asha Alahan send Corey packing!

Nina is impressed when Asha Alahan tells Corey to get lost

In tonight's first episodes of Coronation Street (ITV, 7.30pm - see our TV Guide for listings) Asha Alahan sets about her first trial shift in the cafe.

When Corey arrives, asking her to hear him out, she spells it out to him that he’s dumped. Nina applauds whilst Corey shoots her daggers.

Aadi runs some business ideas past Dev, suggesting they offer grocery deliveries to compliment their fast food service and he’s quietly impressed.

Coronation Street: Asha Alahan send Corey packing!

Nina is impressed when Asha makes a stand

As a nervous Paul readies himself for his day in court, Todd makes a furtive call to Will. Having been handed a community order, a relieved Paul and Billy accept Todd’s offer of a drink.

Meanwhile, on Todd’s instructions, Will forces his way into their flat and Summer is horrified to find him smashing up their things.

Overhearing Leanne on the phone, Simon realises they’re behind with the electricity payments and suggests they ask Nick but Leanne won’t hear of it. Simon admits to his mate Jacob from the chippy that they’re struggling. He’s grateful as Jacob offers to lend him £60.

Simon accepts Jacob's help

Simon accepts Jacob's help

Elsewhere, Peter goes to the Rovers for a hotpot but the noise and smell of the pub soon become too much for him and he hurries out.

Tyrone confides in Dev that he wishes he hadn’t asked Alina to move in as he can’t relax with a stranger in the house.

Coronation Street continues tonight at 8.30pm.