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Coronation Street spoilers: Emotional Eva Price flees Aidan Connor’s funeral

Eva Price walks out of Aidan’s funeral
(Image credit: Andrew Boyce)

Emotional Eva Price walks out of Aidan’s funeral when Johnny delivers an emotional eulogy

Awash with guilt after his kiss with Liz, Johnny Connor apologises to Jenny and assures her she’s welcome at the funeral. But when Alya insists that as Aidan’s friend and business partner she should be there, Carla sends her packing. At the funeral, Johnny delivers an emotional eulogy but when he says Aidan would have made a great dad, it’s all too much for a hugely emotional Eva Price who rushes from the church.

Eileen tells Seb he’ll have to find somewhere else to live as she’s renting the house out and moving to Bristol. Steve and Tim throw a leaving party in the cab office.

With the Connors out of the way, Alya pays Gary to change the locks at the factory explaining that Aidan left it to her in his will.

After a night out, Kim has stayed at Fiz’s. When Sean appears for breakfast Kim is instantly smitten and invites him for dinner. Tyrone arrives for work and is surprised to find Abi already there. Liz in confides in Moira about Johnny’s steamy kiss. Simon’s puzzled when he finds a hospital photo of Susie in Eva’s bag and hands it to Peter.

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