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Coronation Street spoilers: Ken Barlow tells Peter to fight for his life!

Coronation Street spoilers: Ken Barlow tells Peter to fight for his life!

Ken Barlow tries to convince Peter he can get better

In this hour long episode of Coronation Street, Adam breaks the news to Ken Barlow about Peter’s state of health.

He visits Peter in hospital and is shocked to realise the gravity of his condition. Exhausted and clearly depressed, Peter tells Ken that after years of self abuse, it’s time to accept that he’s dying. Ken’s devastated.

Coronation Street spoilers: Ken Barlow tells Peter to fight for his life!

Peter prepares to say goodbye...

Todd calls for Paul on his way to work. Billy tells Todd how grateful he is that Paul has got both him and Ajay to look after him at work as he’s inclined to follow his heart which can get him into trouble.

When Paul takes a call from a distressed Will, Todd urges Paul to go round to his house to help him.

When Paul ends up arrested for assaulting a man he believed to be Will’s dad, Todd is the first to show support for Billy and Summer, whilst cleverly putting the boot in to Paul with the police.

Billy thanks Todd for his kindness towards Summer and all the support he’s given Paul. Todd smiles to himself as a dejected Paul lies alone in his police cell, wondering how he got himself into this mess.

When Imran reveals that he turned down another foster baby, worried it might be too soon, Toyah’s gutted.

He promises to phone social services and rectify the situation but, having called social services, he breaks the news to Toyah that he was too late and they placed the child with someone else. Toyah’s upset and Imran knows he’s messed up.

Imran bursts Toyah's bubble

Imran bursts Toyah's bubble

Tim surveys the array of toys Elaine gave him and confides in Sally that he doesn’t really want to be reminded of a childhood that never really existed.

When Tim reveals that he’s thinking of stashing the toys in the attic, Elaine covers her disappointment and assures him it’s up to him what he chooses to do with them.

Tim decides to sell them at a jumble sale, but when Dev discovers that one car alone is worth £2000 the race is on to find out who has bought it.

Elsewhere, Adam confronts Gary in the furniture shop and suggests Gary dug up Rick’s body. Faye wonders what’s going on but Gary’s quick to close the conversation down.