Coronation Street spoilers: Leanne Battersby blames Steve for Oliver’s condition…

Coronation Street spoilers: Leanne Battersby blames Steve for Oliver’s condition…

Leanne Battersby discovers Steve left Oliver with Summer

Steve races into the medical centre carrying Oliver in tonight's only episode of Coronation Street at 7.30pm (see our TV listings guide for full details).

Dr Gaddas assures Steve but tells him he should take him to A&E as a precaution. A panicky Leanne Battersby arrives at the hospital and she’s horrified to discover Steve left Oliver with Summer.

In the cafe, Kelly encourages Asha to get back with Corey.  Amy disagrees and Kelly suspects she might be jealous. When Amy reveals she’s fallen out with Asha over Corey, Tracy suggests she should invite them round for pizza and a movie.

Amy invites Corey over for pizza and they share a laugh but, having clocked the exchange from a distance, Kelly tells Asha that it’s obvious Amy fancies Corey. Is he bad news?

Amy and Asha are love rivals

Amy and Asha are love rivals

Dr Gaddas tells Gemma she’s suffering from postnatal depression. Back home, Gemma breaks down and Chesney holds her tenderly. When Bernie reveals that she’s covering Chesney’s shifts at the kebab shop so he can help with the quads, Gemma’s deeply touched.

Ken and Claudia throw a drinks party at Stillwaters hoping to win over the residents. However they’re disappointed when nobody shows up. Ken, Claudia and Norris are put out to find Charles entertaining the residents in the bar.

Imran warns Toyah that by flouting the law she could jeopardise their plans.

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