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Count Arthur Strong (VIDEO)

count arthur strong
(Image credit: BBC/Retort)

Arthur meets a figure from his past life as a musician... the versatile entertainer John Shuttleworth

In what is one of the highlights of the current series – which hasn't been helped by some haphazard scheduling – Arthur revisits his youth, in which he gets to play around with his Beatles delusions.

The episode, The Three Wishes,  introduces one of his bandmates from his youth, the versatile lounge performer John Shuttleworth (the comic creation of Graham Fellowes, who some may remember for another alter ego Jilted John).

What will happen when two legends of comic delusion meet? Will they right the wrongs of their past? Will they create a super-group and experience the success they should have had first time around? Will they spontaneously combust?

You never quite know with this bonkers comedy, which is one of its most appealing qualities.