Daniel kisses Imogen

Imogen gets Daniel to open up about his post-Amber slump, and tells him that sooner or later, he’ll simply know in his heart what he really wants. Feeling a sudden moment of clarity, Daniel kisses Imogen, surprising them both.

Sonya urges Brennan to reach out to Paige, but he’s too angry and pushes Paige away again. Elsewhere, Terese is paranoid that Paige is playing up her fear, as part of her plan to get her parents back together. When her frustrations boil over, she finally reveals her theory to Brad, urging him to confront Paige.

Amy and Kyle open up about the difficulties they’ve faced in their lives and impressed by Kyle’s hidden depths, Amy invites him to join her for the magazine photo-shoot. This friendship is definitely growing stronger.

Toadie and Sonya have an exciting night out planned, but worry they can’t send Nell to her babysitter while she’s in the midst of her current biting phase.

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