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Darren messes up on his 'date' with Nancy

When Nancy tells Darren she wants to take things slow, Darren turns up in a suit with a bunch of flowers, eager to take Nancy on a 'first date'. However, the only place he could get at short notice is The Loft. When talk turns to Grace, typical Darren puts his foot in it and he ends up offending Nancy. He begs her to try again - but will she be interested?

Joe visits Gabriel's grave with Mercedes. They rekindle their relationship but when they get home Lindsey's there waiting to seduce Joe. Mercedes gets the wrong end of the stick and thinks Lindsey has pulled with someone else. Lindsey covers but storms off to the hospital and straight to the drugs cabinet... Kim finds her and blocks Lindsey's path. She talks her out of killing Mercedes. Lindsey urges Joe to tell Mercedes about them or she will.

Patrick asks Nico to post a parcel to Ben, while Sienna tells Ben about Patrick's plan to die.

Also, Grace attempts to make amends with Esther and suggests a pizza and film night. Esther challenges Grace to a dance off and then Grace kisses Esther.