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David kidnaps Lachlan!

*First episode

Lachlan gets the shock of his life as he’s walking to school when David leaps out of his car and bundles the teen into his boot! It’s clear David has no idea what to do next as he pulls up at a deserted barn. And when Lachlan picks up on David’s nerves, he mocks the shopkeeper…


Meanwhile, Pollard’s clocked his son’s erratic behaviour and races over to tell Alicia. They must track David down before the police do.


When Doug checks the traps he set for Laurel, his heart sinks to see his daughter has been drinking again. He doesn’t believe a word of it when Laurel claims she’s ordered a crate of champagne for work purposes. As far as he’s concerned, these make-up parties are going to give his daughter another excuse to drink.


Elsewhere, having told Paddy she’s worried she might have Alzheimer’s, secret gambler Pearl is wracked with guilt when he insists on taking her to the memory clinic.