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Denise visits killer Lucas!

(Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)

Shirley is determined to see Dean ahead of his plea hearing, despite Buster's concerns. When Buster asks Denise to talk some sense into Shirley, Denise instead opens up to Shirley about Lucas sending her a visiting order. The two women head to the prison together. Dean is angry when Shirley tells him to plead guilty. Meanwhile, despite her denials, Denise is clearly stuck on Lucas, who tells her how much he thinks of her, begging her to help Jordan.

Nancy hides in the Vic, embarrassed by what happened during her seizure. Plucking up the courage to venture out, Nancy bumps into Tamwar. Although he tries to apologise, Nancy shuts him down. Later, Shabnam visits Nancy, insisting her brother is a good man. Agreeing to talk things through, Nancy goes to Tamwar, but when he doesn't fight for their relationship Nancy tells him it's over.

Shabnam refuses to listen to Kush's insistence that she doesn't need to leave Walford. After searching for her passport, Shabnam confronts her dad for punching Kush. Visiting Stacey in hospital to say goodbye, Shabnam is stunned when Stacey admits the truth about Kush. Shabnam reveals she knows, but doesn't want to lose her as a friend. Later, Kush asks Shabnam for a favour. Will she change her mind?